Protection of data is a matter of trust and your privacy is important for us. Therefore, we use only your name and other pieces of information which related to the method that explained in this privacy policy.  We will collect information only when this step is necessary for us to do so, we will collect information only if it relevant to our dealings with you.

We will keep your information for us unless it required to by the law or as is relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.

You can visit the website and surfing without having provided any personal details, during your visit to the website be sure not reveal your identity and at no time can we identify you unless you have an account on the website and log on with your user name and password.

What personal data is requested?

What is the purpose of data collection?

How we can protect your data?

According to your payments on the internet, checking the data load from our website on the internet and improve planning or content of our website pages customized them to the users and determine the visitors on our website on the internet and doing research on demographics for our users.

Sending you the information that you may think it’s useful for you or you were requested us to send it including information about our products and services, provided that you have referred that you did not reject our contacts through phone or email and that depends on your acceptance and we might contact you through e-mail and phone in detail about the products and other services. If you don’t want to receive any telemarketing calls from us, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Here you can show your order’s details which you have been completed and the order still open and others order which is ready for sending and manage your details including your address and your payments details and any newsletter you were subscribed recently.

We make sure to protect your personal secret data and we will not make it available for third-party who not have permission access it. We cannot afford any responsibility about the misuse of the password unless the misuse of password is our fault.